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Click here to Download Themis

Extract the compressed file, change to the extracted folder and configure the program with themis_config.

After the inital configuration an entry Edit actions is available in your context menu.

For detailed information please take a look at the documentation. Logo

digital.alterego at

Future Plans

Please use the sourceforge project page for reporting bugs and feature wishes.
Contact: digital.alterego at


Future ideas, not guaranteed to be realized

Please use the comment system to discuss ideas and to post new ones!

Automatic installation of actions from, maybe via the KHotnewStuff library
Main question is: What about complex actions, which require a configure/make/make install cycle?

Scripting system with gui to combine various actions into a new one
F.ex. resize all images in a folder, rename them, compress and email them. Inspired by Apples Automator and Yahoo Pipes.

Keep Themis simple and don`t try to do turn it into "all-in-one device suitable for every purpose".

Porting to KDE4
Currently I`ve no running KDE4 dev environment, but porting will start after relase of 4.0.

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